Kharenko Elena Nikolaevna - VNIRO

Kharenko Elena Nikolaevna

Kharenko Elena Nikolaevna
Deputy Director for scientific work

Doctor of technical Sciences, associate Professor

Born on March 18, 1958.

In 1979 - graduated from the Astrakhan technical Institute of fish industry and economy, engineer-technologist with a degree in "Technology of fish products" and worked for several years in the production of technologist.

In 1988 - defended her thesis, in 2007 – doctoral dissertation on the specialty "Technology of meat, dairy, fish products and refrigeration", associate Professor since 2005 in the same specialty.

In 2015 – 2018 - Deputy Director of VNIRO.

From November 2018 to the present - Deputy Director for scientific work of VNIRO.

Author of more than 220 scientific works, including two monographs, 12 educational works, including separate chapters in two textbooks on fish and fish products technology, 14 patents, 17 certificates of official registration of computer programs.