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12 August 2019

VNIRO explores the Arctic

On August 9, the second stage of the Transarctic expedition started in Anadyr

Having loaded all the necessary equipment, the Research vessel “Professor Levanidov” went to the second stage of the expedition to the Arctic seas.

Such a long Transarctic cruise brought together a large scientific team, which includes scientists representing the Central, Polar, Pacific and Kamchatka branches of VNIRO.

In the second part of the expedition, it is planned to conduct comprehensive studies of aquatic biological resources in the Chukchi, East Siberian, and the Laptev Seas.  Then the work will continue in the Western part of the Arctic, namely in the Kara and Barents Seas. Arrival in the port of Murmansk is tentatively planned for early October.

The research vessel “Professor Levanidov” left the port of Vladivostok on July 5. At the first stage of the cruise, scientists have already conducted bottom trawl surveys in the Bering Sea as part of the state monitoring program for aquatic biological resources.

The experts working on the research vessel “Professor Levanidov” will conduct scientific research around the clock. Scientists will analyze the dynamics of the number and distribution of aquatic organisms in comparison with the data of previous Arctic expeditions conducted by the Pacific and Polar branches of VNIRO. In addition, as a result of the cruise, they will collect materials characterizing the bottom communities of the northern seas.

During the Transarctic expedition, the scientists plan to obtain significant material, which is necessary to study the state and the possibility of using the resources of the Arctic. All this will allow Russia to prepare a state policy on the development of the northern territories and on including the huge Arctic resources in the country’s economy.

You can follow the results and reports of the expedition on the website in the section “Expeditions”, as well as in social networks.