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24 July 2019

VNIRO invited Greenpeace to cooperate in the release of animals from the Srednyaya Bay

Greenpeace Russia will take part in the third issue of orcas from the Srednyaya Bay to the Sea of Okhotsk. Such an agreement was reached during a meeting with the Russian federal research institute of fisheries and oceanography (VNIRO), which held two previous stages of production.

The third stage of transportation and subsequent release will begin next week, August 1.

Greenpeace will act as an independent observer and will be able to monitor the progress of loading, transportation and release of animals on site. The parties agreed on the constructability and transparency in the conduct and coverage of the operation.

Export and transportation of orcas will take place according to the worked-out logistics scheme with the beginning in the Srednyaya Bay and the end on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. The operational publication of the details of the release from the scene, starting with the loading operation in theSrednyaya Bay, will be organized.

The VNIRO press service

Viktor Nikiforov, coordinator of the environmental projects of the scientific expedition of the center "Marine mammals»;
Oganes Targulyan, leading expert of the project Greenpeace Russia;
Vyacheslav Bizikov, Deputy Director for research, VNIRO