Instructions for submission, reviewing and publication of scientific articles
  1. The article submitted to the editorial board is reviewed for the purpose of its compliance with formal requirements provided in Authors’ instruction. Editorial board of the magazine prints articles which materials haven’t been published in other editions.
  2. The editorial board reviews all submitted materials corresponding to its subject area in order to give them an expert estimation (except for materials from “History” and “Information” sections, which are estimated by the volume editor). All reviewers are recognized specialists in the sphere of reviewed materials and have publications similar in themes with that of the reviewed article within me last 3 years. The reviews are stored at the editorial department during 5 years. Correspondence between the editorial board, authors and reviewers is fulfilled in electronic format.
  3. The editorial department sends reviews copies or motivated refusal to authors, who provided materials, as well as it is obliged to send reviews copies to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, if a relevant request will be submitted to the editorial department.
  4. Upon executive editor or science editor approval of the journal, it is sent for further reviewing. The reviewers can be editorial board members or other involved third party specialists, who have the closest scientific specialization with that of the article research area. The period of reviewing is 2-3 weeks, but in case no review is received during this period, the article is sent to another reviewer.
    Reviewer’s form (DOC).
  5. The author of the article is informed about the reviewing results via e-mail. The editorial board uses the principle of unilateral blind review, i.e. the author receives the review without reviewer’s signature. As appropriate the article is improved by the author in accordance with remarks. At will of the reviewer his or her name can be told to the author and is sent to the reviewer for the repeat review. After relevant improvement article corrected version is sent to the reviewer again. If reviewers are satisfied with the work, editorial council makes the decision on article adoption in the press. If authors don’t agree with reviewer’s remarks, the article in accordance with editorial council decision is sent for umpirage. As appropriated the article can be sent to several reviewers before definite opinion letter adoption.
  6. The final decision concerning the article publication is made at the editorial board meeting. The editorial board informs the author about the decision of the editorial staff as well as the period of publication. After this the materials are sent to the executive and scientific editors.
  7. All corrections in the article are made only by the agreement with the author.
  8. Article text prepared for publication is sent to the author for conformance and approval. Then the article is published in the journal layout.