Problems of Fisheries

“Problems of Fisheries”is the main journal on fisheries in Russia. The journal is composed of research articles covering problems of the national and world fishery industry of international information on fishery raw materials stock; political, economical and social aspects of fishery development; condition of biological resources in the World Ocean; genetics and selection, physiology and biochemistry of commercial fishes and aquaculture. The journal contains topical and review articles, reviews of books monographs; and information on national and international conferences, symposiums and meetings. A number of publications along with their scientific aspect encompass important information of significant interest for fishery activity.

The journal chief editor is O.A. Bulatov, Doctor of Biological Sciences.

The “Problems of Fisheries” journal is issued 4 times a year with the circulation of 300 copies. Since 2000, about 900 research articles and reports have been issued in the journal. All articles undergo reviewing and academic editing. Reviewers of the “Problems of Fisheries” journal are notorious scientists of fishery institutes, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other scientific organizations.

Sectoral fishery institutes take part in financing of the “Problems of Fisheries” journal.

The journal is listed among the top peer-reviewed journals and publications of the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC). It is possible to subscribe to the “Problems of Fisheries” journal in the catalogues of OOO “Interpochta”, “Russian Post” – subscription index is 18964 – as well as through the editorial office. Annual subscription through the journal editorial office with shipping costs is 3,000 rubles. 

The journal electronic version is posted on the website of the Russian Universal Electronic Scientific Library (HAC). 

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Tregubova Elena Vladimirovna