The second international expedition to study the Pacific salmon has been completed
17 April 2020

The second international expedition to study the Pacific salmon has been completed

Scientists told about preliminary results of research on the vessel «Pacific Legasi», which took place in the Gulf of Alaska within the framework of the International Year of Salmon.

Twelve experts from three NPAFC member countries (the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission) - Canada, the United States and Russia - participated in the expedition.In 2019, the survey in the Northeast Pacific waters was carried out by an inter-ethnic team from four countries on the NIS of Federal Agency for Fisheries «Professor Kaganovsky». Interesting results as well as valuable practical experience were obtained from the unique voyage.

This year, the four-week voyage took place in two stages, with a stop at the port of Prince Rupert (Canada) for refuelling. In total, more than 50 trawls were carried out in which all salmon species of the Northeast Pacific coast were encountered. The first trawls were highly efficient, and as the weather worsened, catches declined. Weather conditions were much more difficult than last year’s expedition, which made the work of scientists much more difficult.

Despite this, as well as the departure of American scientists after the first half of the flight due to the situation with the coronavirus in the country, all the planned work was accomplished. Scientists have collected valuable material on the status, distribution, nutrition and habitats of Pacific salmon in winter conditions. The materials that we received will help to shed light on the biology and ecology of these mysterious but very popular commercial fish. In addition, scientists from different countries were able to learn from each other’s experiences and learn more about the methods used to study aquatic bioresources. It should be noted that prior to 2019 such experience of Pacific salmon surveying in the winter period was practically only in Russia. The Russian Federation is the only country to have such experience.

«We express our sincere gratitude to all participants and organizers of the voyage for the cooperation, especially Dr. Richard Bimish, as well as our heartfelt gratitude to the Canadian colleagues for the hospitality and accommodation of the Russian scientists during the period of restricted air travel» - said Kirill Kolonchin director of VNIRO.

Press service VNIRO