Together in the Russian North
02 August 2019

Together in the Russian North

On July 26, 2019, the water phase of the large-scale expedition “Together in the Russian North: Onega-Baltic Waterway” ended, which was part of a grant from the Vologda State University provided by the Russian Geographical Society.


Representatives of public and state organizations took part in the expedition: the Vologda branch of VNIRO, the Vologda regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society, the Vologda State University, the Arctic Rescue Training and Scientific Center “Vytegra” of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies, the Government of the Vologda Region, the Russian Union of Rescuers, and cadet pupils School "Ships of the Onega". As part of the expedition, information was collected and systematized about tourist attractions along the historical Volga-Baltic waterway along Lake Onega, Svir River, Lake Ladoga, and Neva River up to the Baltic Sea. In addition, the pupils of the youth club “Ships of the Onega” were trained the skills of shipping, navigation, safety, as well as hydrobiological and ichthyological studies in the framework of master classes conducted by specialists.

The expedition route included five stages, each of which covered a certain part of the route, with a total length of 2477 km.

As part of the expedition, the guys studied the natural and biological diversity of the Republic of Karelia, the Vologda and Leningrad regions, their infrastructure and architecture, their attractions, including both specially protected natural areas and military memorials.

Senior Researcher of the Vologda branch of VNIRO Nikolai Tropin conducted master classes on ichthyological research, which included directly catching fish at various water bodies, determining their species, as well as a complete biological analysis with age-related material. Invaluable help in providing fish living in Lake Ladoga was provided by the employees of the Karelian branch of VNIRO.

The expedition “Together in the Russian North”, which was held for the sixth time, was aimed at patriotic and socio-ecological education, attracting young people to additional education in the field of geography and related branches of knowledge, as well as scientific creativity. The Vologda branch of VNIRO participated in the expedition for the fourth time.