The release of Beluga whales is successful
08 November 2019

The release of Beluga whales is successful

In Primorsky Krai continuing operations for the release of the Beluga whales in their natural habitat.

Today, on November 8, work on loading and release of Beluga whales was carried out in parallel on both vessels.

R/V Professor Kaganovsky, having successfully overcome the distance from the Srednyaya Bay to the Bay of  Uspeniya in about 7 hours, early in the morning arrived at its destination. During transportation, the animals behaved calmly, their behavior was monitored by scientists, veterinarians and experienced trainers. From 9 o'clock in the morning, work began on the release of 19 Beluga whales, which were successfully completed. 3 large individuals have satellite tags that will allow scientists to monitor the movement of animals in the wild.

In parallel, in the middle Bay was loading the next batch of Beluga whales on R/V Zodiac. Thanks to the calm windless weather in the morning, the work was able to begin immediately with the sunrise and to be completed by 14 o'clock. The ship loaded 13 animals. Immediately after loading in the Bay the wind rose and the wave went.

Today "Zodiac" will go to the Bay of Uspeniya to the place of release of animals.

Despite high tension of all participants of process, operation managed to be carried out accurately and as much as possible safely for Beluga whales.

Tomorrow, November 9, is expected to release Beluga whales with R/V Zodiac and loading the remaining animals from the Srednyaya Bay on the R/V Professor Kaganovsky.

Scientists note that at present the feeding base in the Bay of Uspeniya is much better than in the Sakhalin Bay, so this area is more preferable for Beluga whales developing in the natural environment.

VNIRO Press Service